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Since this program is based on personal debt I am willing to offer a $50.00 to $200 referral fee for each person whom you refer to Lowe's Financial based on the complete purchase of the product. You will need to fill out the inquiry tab and place your referral's information in the proper location. You will receive an answer back with in 12 hours.

Also, each first time home buyer will be provided with an excel spread sheet that will help them see the homes in their price range. This price range is based on their income after taxes and debt-to-income-ratio. We will look at different factors as location, taxes, and etc. This will help the potential home owner see the time value of their money over a 30 yr time frame first. Then I will be able to show them over a 7 to 12 yr time frame how to become totally debt free.

Worth Unlimited- Demo GPS System 5.0

The Power of Mathematics Video 

Before you watch this video I want you to understand what is not being told you about your debt. That is how the grantors are factoring debt into your life. Now, I hope you are sitting down strap yourself in the seat. Get you some paper, pencil, and maybe something to drink.
Step 1: Write at the top of your paper: MY DEBTS
Step 2: Write down the Number of debt you have on the 3rd line and your Age. 
Step 3: Write them in descending order on 5th line: Example (5X4X3X2X1) 
Step 4: Here is the thinking process each book in this video represent one of your debts 
Step 5: Calculate your debts just like the video did in the Factorial Math
Step 6: Write down the number you get on the 7th line that is the number of different     ways to pay down your debts
Step 7: After you watch the video sit down and think of the most Optimum way to          pay down all your debts simultaneously.
Step 8: While sitting find out how many: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and     years it will take you to become debt free.
Now, if you want me to do this for you then contact me through my Inquiry page I be glad to do this. In fact ask your CPA, Financial Adviser, Financial Planner, or Accountant to do this.  Then see who comes up with the answer fast and more accurate to your liking.