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Quotes I was referred to Percy by my loan officer. While in the process of refinancing my home it was discovered that I had late payments on my credit report that were wrong. The late payments were for two of my auto loans. Both of the auto loans were paid off. Percy was very diligent and patient when it came to me wanting to give up because the two businesses that we involved seemed to not want to budge. Percy kept encouraging me to be patient. Many of times we were on the phone via conference call to the companies. Almost every time for long periods of time. Percy always remained professional at all times and at the same time confronting the companies with the problem. Percy not only made numerous phone call to the companies but also created letters for me to send out to the companies and the credit bureau's disputing the errors. In two months the issues were resolved. Also, Percy was always available when I called him. Thank you Percy. Quotes
Dee W. Virgin
CPS Inv.

Quotes Me and my wife were referred to Mr. Lowe because there was a item on my credit that needed to be removed in order to put me in position to purchase a home. Immediately he begin to work on my behalf, he followed up with us to keep us updated every step of the way . He was very fast, trustworthy and persistent. In no time, the item was deleted and my credit score went up almost 100 points. We really appreciate Percy because now I am house ready!!!! We will definitely be referring him in the future. If you are in the North Texas area metroplex like we are you can trust the services from Lowe's Financial. We paid all our fees upfront and Mr. Lowe kept his word. He came to the Dallas area met with us both explain everything without charge traveling expenses. Quotes
Stanley Sanders II
Extremely satisfied

Quotes I got a secured credit card through Mr Percy Lowe to raise my credit, it only took 4 days to get the card. I used it for paying bills only, I'm glad I did. Mr. Percy Lowe has been a blessing, my credit score is raising, and I was able to get one of the Top Secured Credit Cards without getting my credit pulled. Thank you Mr. Lowe for helping me raise my credit score GOD BLESS YOU. Quotes
Satisfied CPA